Stay Fit with Nintendo Wii Balance Board

nintendo wii balance boardThe Wii Balance Board is a balance board accessory for Nintendo’s Wii video game console and was first introduced together with Wii Fit during the E3 press conference on July 2007 by video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. It is designed for interactive exercises and had attracted attentions from the health and medical industries who are interested to know how the Wii Balance Board might be implemented in helping patients with rehabilitation and recovery from certain injuries.

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Here are some of the the key info from Nintendo:
nintendo wii balance board soccerThe active-play phenomenon started by Wii Sports now spreads to your whole body to the pressure-sensitive Wii Balance Board (name not final), which comes packed with Wii Fit. The board is used for an extensive array of fun and dynamic activities, including aerobics, yoga, muscle stretches and games.

nintendo wii fit balance board yogaLean to block soccer balls, swivel hips to power hoop twirls or balance to hold the perfect yoga pose. As users stand on the Wii Balance Board, included with Wii Fit, their body’s overall balance is tied to the game in a way they’ve never experienced before.

nintendo wii balance board pushup
Wii Fit also uses the Wii Balance Board for daily tests. These evaluate two key measures that a household can track via progress charts:

• Body Mass Index (BMI): A weight evaluation based on a ratio of weight to height.
• Wii Fit Age: The Wii Fit Age is measured by factoring the user’s BMI reading, testing the user’s center of gravity and conducting quick balance tests.

nintendo wii balance board exerciseWii Fit includes more than 40 types of training activities designed to appeal to all members of a household. Training falls into four fitness categories:

• Aerobic Exercise: 10-minute exercises that are designed to get the heart pumping.
• Muscle Conditioning: Controlled motions using arms, legs and other body parts.
• Yoga Poses: Classic poses that focus on balance and stretching.
• Balance Games: Fun activities, such as ski jumping and heading soccer balls, that challenge the player’s overall body balance.

Consider getting yourself a Wii Fit Balance Board Mat as well.
wii fit balance board mat

The Wii Fit balance board usually comes with the Wii Fit game. You might also want to look at some Wii Fit accessories to see what other games you can play with your Wii balance board and other accessories that people often buy to complement their Wii Balance Board. There’s also a top 10 Nintendo Wii games for Christmas for your reference.

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  1. DEBBIE BURNS January 31, 2010 at 7:15 am #

    We have a question: Can more than one balance board be used with one console? Just wondering because I would like to have a friend work out with me. But I was told that 2 balance boards can’t be used at the same time.
    Thank you, Debbie

  2. Emma May 31, 2010 at 9:07 pm #

    It depends on the game. It is possible to sync more than one balance board (usually up to 3) with some more competitive games, but I’m not sure there’s an option for Wii Fit as most of the exercises are for single players.

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