PS4 And Xbox One Consoles On Finance



logoIf you want to get gaming right away but don’t want to pay for the console upfront, you can with pay weekly payment hire purchase agreements.

Spread the cost of your next gaming machine on flexible finance payment plans.

All bundles come with the latest games, allowing you to plug in and play.

Buy Now & Pay Later – Get what you want now, without paying upfront.

  • Xbox One On Finance –  Buy Now Pay Later on pay weekly & pay monthly.

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  • Playstation 4 /PS4 On Finance –  Buy Now Pay Later on pay weekly & pay monthly.

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  • Sony PSP On Finance –  Buy Now Pay Later on pay weekly & pay monthly.

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Getting a gaming console with BrightHouse


BrightHouse is a household name across the UK; it has more than 280 retail stores spread in different parts of the country. The retail company deals with a lot of domestic appliances and home electronics and have over 30o,000 customers.

The company has made a name for itself, especially among avid gamers because they offer them the opportunity to own and play console games without down payments and at no deposit.

Many gamers across the country no longer miss playing their favourite games because of money. At BrightHouse, gamers will get the type of games they want to play without difficulties.

Whether you are serious or a casual player, opportunity is open to you to purchase your favourite game. Even if you do not like playing games, you also can buy console games for a beloved one or a friend as a gift. The retail company has everything you need. The benefit of the company is not just the availability of all types of games but the spread payment option, which makes it possible for you to buy now and pay later.

Although you would be approved before you enjoy the benefit, your bad credit record would not be a hindrance for you. Every applicant is always preapproved to buy now and pay later. The terms and conditions of paying later and the interest are determined by different factors. The financial deal to extend to their customers is to make it easier for them to pay without difficulties. Monthly payment plan is affordable as payment could be spread to more than one year.

Pick a gaming bundle of your choice and decide the best option for you to pay. If you have the money, you can start paying immediately, if you want. You can also defer the payment to a later date. You can make a choice right from a handheld Nintendo 3DS to the high-end consoles like the Xbox one and the PS4 on finance. It is not difficult for you to apply to buy now and pay later option.

Applying For Finance

Filling in the application form is simple. You apply and wait for the response to your application. Everybody who applies usually gets preapproved. When you are approved, the item would be shipped to your home within one week of approval. There are different payment options available for you. BrightHouse has an arrangement that enables you to pay weekly. You would be entitled to pay 10 pounds weekly and the period of payment could be spread for 130 weeks. The products would be delivered and installed in your place of choice together with the product insurance. Within the period the agreement covers, you would be entitled to unlimited repairs.

Buy Now Pay Later

If you want to buy now and pay later, opportunity is available for you at BrightHouse retail shop. Almost everybody who applies is approved for it. No matter which part of the country you reside, the gaming console would be made available to you through their efficient delivery service. With more than 270 shops across the country, you always can get your product from the nearest BrightHouse store branch around you. You would be required to pay 11.60 pounds every week and the payment would be spread for several weeks. You will also ensure shipping, installation, and repairs.

Pay Weekly Sony PSP

Avid gamers of Sony PSP can apply for a buy now and pay later option to own their favourite Sony PSP console games. When you are approved, the console would arrive to your home where it would be set for you. Should you have any difficulty, the products would be replaced or repaired. Everything you want would be made available for you. You will not have any difficulty, as everything you need is made available to you. You would be paying 6.50 weekly for 104 weeks.

Pay Weekly Nintendo 3DS

You also can apply for weekly payment for Nintendo 3DS. Monthly payment on approval would be 6.50 pounds. Interest rate you are charged would be based on the agreement, your credit status, and length of time it would take you to pay all.

Pay Weekly Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii is another gaming console you could own in your home. If you do not have the money for a down payment, you can apply for instalment payment. When approved, you can pay 7.20 pounds monthly. You can complete the payment in 130 weeks. It would be delivered to your home fast. Repairs and installation would be done for you. Types of services you get after installation is determined by the agreement you reached with them.

Pay Weekly & Pay Monthly Consoles

Consoles from as low as £6.50 per week.

Console finance available subject to ID and credit check. Available for UK residents aged over 18. Poor credit score welcome.

– Delivery and installation

– Product insurance

– Unlimited repairs

– Loan products

– Like for like replacement

– Return your product if you change your mind.

PS4 on Finance, Xbox One on Finance, Nintendo DS on finance

Playstation 4 PS4 on finance on pay weekly, pay monthly deals.

Xbox One on on finance on pay weekly, pay monthly deals.

Nintendo DS on finance on pay weekly, pay monthly deals.

Sony PSP on finance on pay weekly, pay monthly deals.

Apply now for finance and get your console tomorrow.