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If you want to get gaming right away, but don’t want to pay for a console upfront, you can Buy Now and Pay Later using an Argos Card.

When you use an Argos Buy Now Pay Later Card you can spread the cost of your next gaming console on monthly installments.

Argos is the UK’s leading catalogue store, offering a huge range of household items on weekly/monthly payment plans, including: consoles such as Sony Playstation 4 and Xbox One. All consoles bundles come with the latest games, allowing you to plug in and play.

Apply for an Argos card and you can also shop for appliances, clothes, furniture, gifts and electricals items.

Apply online for an instant decision and credit limit.

  • – Make fixed monthly payments
  • – Know exactly when your plan will be paid in full
  • – Spread the cost with no deposit to pay

Credit is offered subject to status to persons over 18 years old and a UK resident. Terms and conditions apply.



 Get what you want now, without paying upfront.

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Representative 29.9% APR variable

Representative Example for the Fixed Payment Plan:

When you borrow £300 on a Fixed Payment Plan at a fixed interest rate of 29.9% APR.

Applications for a pay monthly/pay weekly consoles are subject to credit and affordability checks.



Pay Monthly Xbox One On Finance
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Xbox One is Microsoft’s new console that is an all in one entertainment system. Allowing you to enjoy pc style graphics, watch films and tv, surf the internet, stream music, chat with your friends and enjoy a host of apps, Xbox one really is more than just a gaming console. You can apply for finance and get a Microsoft Xbox on pay monthly payment plans.

While the Xbox One is a little larger than it’s competition, it’s half gloss, half matte finish gives the look of the console a touch of modern glamour and it’s also functional in it’s design. Microsoft’s main focus is on heat and reliability. On the back of the machine, there are plenty of ports including all of the standards: ethernet, HDMI, USB and of course Kinect port.

Controllers & Kinect
The Xbox One controller has an asymmetrical stick layout, contours that are comfortable to hold and well placed triggers. Since the original Xbox, Microsoft hasn’t changed much about it’s controllers but this time they have chosen to place the Xbox button in the top rather than the middle, making it harder to press by accident.

Kinect for Xbox One is both a camera and a microphone. Having Kinect for the console allows it to hear and see you. It also allows the console to react to your commands making it a truly controller less experience. Kinect isn’t essential for Xbox One but having it gives you more options on what games and apps you can use.

Xbox Live is the only way for your games to be online. Not only can you have your games online but it also makes it a socially interactive experience. You can message friends, join groups and Xbox Live lets you know what your friends are playing. Since Xbox One has been launched, Xbox Live has been known for a completely stable networking solution.


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Pay Monthly Playstation 4 /PS4 On Finance

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The first Sony Playstation launched in 1994 and changed the face of console gaming forever. Its fourth iteration, the Playstation 4, launched last year and 12 months later it’s topping console charts all over the world. But just what is so great about PS4? Sit back and let this product overview of the Playstation 4 tell you everything you need to know. Apply for a pay monthly or pay weekly Playstation PS 4 on finance and you cna spread the cost in installments.

Playstation 4 Features

DualShock 4 controller reimagines the iconic controller design for the 21st century, allowing for precision and accuracy in all times of games. For the first time the controller features a touchpad, giving you new ways to play your game.

Ten times more powerful than its predecessor, its beautiful outward appearance hides some powerful tech, including a 500GB hard drive and compatibility for full 1080p HD gaming.

Remote play allows you to use your Playstation Vita to pick up play from where you left off on your PS4.- Playstation Plus allows for online multiplayer, rewarding players with free games each month as part of their instant game collection.

Perhaps the thing which most sets PS4 apart from other game consoles is its emphasis on sharing. In a world where we upload our every thought and feeling on to the internet it’s not surprising that Sony decided to add a “Share” button to its controller. Pressing the new button will open a Share menu, allowing users to upload video clips and screenshots to their social networks, as well as broadcast live gameplay. Holding down the Share button will take a screenshot whilst double tapping it will begin filming a new gameplay clip.

With a recent update Sony have taken Share to the next level, with SharePlay, a feature which mimics “sofa gaming”, allowing you to digitally “pass” the controller to a friend online, allowing them to give you a hand or offer them a demo like experience.


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Pay Monthly Nintendo WiiU On Finance

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The Nintendo Wii U is the latest entry in the family of Nintendo’s line of home consoles. The Wii U was launched to the general public in late 2012, in the United States, Europe, and Japan. It has since sold almost 60 million units worldwide, despite poor initial sales numbers.

The Wii U is equipped with an IBM Power-based multi core processor, which allows for faster CPU processing, making controls feel much smoother than the previous incarnation, the Wii. A AMD Radeon-based high definition GPU powers the consoles and allows for better graphics rendering, such as 720 and 1080 pixel rendering for game models and sprites.

Capability to be connected to the internet wirelessly, as well as four USB 2.0 connectors to allow internet connectivity via an ethernet cable. Open source software, which allows users to create new twists on existing software within the Wii U, often called “mods”, short for modification, among gamers.

The Wii U also boasts some built in software that is available upon the first activation of the console. These include:

  • Nintendo MiiMaker, which allows users to create customized avatars of themselves, called Miis, for gaming profiles and in game useability, as well as for interaction in the Wii U online community.
  • Nintendo eShop, which allows users to make purchases for certain things like downloadable content or even full games.

Included in the Wii U’s box is:

– The system itself, standing at 1.8 inches high, 10.6 inches deep and 6.75 inches long, and weighing roughly 3.5 pounds.

– The Game Pad, the controller that is typically used to play the Wii U’s games. The Game Pad has a screen in the middle, a unique feature to the Wii U’s Game Pad. This screen is often used as a secondary screen to make gameplay smoother, Nintendo claims.

– The stylus that is used to operate the Game Pad’s touch screen featureA sensor bar that can be placed near a television screen, allowing for motion controlled gameplay via the Wii U’s Game Pad or The Nunchuk controller from the previous Wii system.

– Nintendo TVii, which is a television streaming service provided through the Wii U, similar to Hulu.

– Wii U Chat, a video chat service similar to Skype that can be streamed through the user’s televisions.
Nintendo Miiverse, the online community that users can send their Miis to interact with other Miis through.


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Pay Monthly Sony PSP On Finance

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Pay Weekly or Monthly Sony PSP

Avid gamers of Sony PSP can apply for a buy now and pay later option to own their favourite Sony PSP console games. When you are approved, the console would arrive to your home ready to play. Should you have any difficulty, the products would be replaced or repaired. Everything you want would be made available for you. You will not have any difficulty, as everything you need is made available to you.

Pay Weekly or Monthly Nintendo 3DS

You also can apply for weekly payment for Nintendo 3DS. Interest rate you are charged would be based on the agreement, your credit status, and length of time it would take you to pay all.

Pay Weekly or Monthly Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii is another gaming console you could own in your home. If you do not have the money for a console, you can apply for instalment payments available on a pay monthly or pay weekly basis.

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– Xbox One on on finance on pay weekly, pay monthly deals.
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