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Live Anywhere is about accessing the features of Xbox Live online video games, communication and digital multimedia on Xbox 360, Windows and Mobile Phones. You get one gamertag, one set of achievements, one list of friends. It has been said that the first time you’Ll see this into play is the launch of Windows Vista and dual launch of Shadowrun on Xbox 360 and Windows.

If you are into Live Arcade games, playing them in your home isn’t always the optimum experience, but playing during travel may be. If you purchase Zuma on 360, it will link this information to your gamertag, so when you next use your phone, Zuma will download and be ready to play with no extra fees.

What does it mean for Xbox 360 players?
– Play against PC players. For example, using dual analog in an FPS as it’s your preference.
– See what your friends are doing anytime, if they are playing a 360 game, using a PC or away on their Mobile Phone.
– Send messages to Windows Vista or to Mobile Phones.

What does it mean for PC players?
– Play against Xbox 360 players, but your preference this time round is keyboard and mouse.
– Be able to get achievements and gamer points on PC games (it is not yet known if you could get points on PC exclusives, but dual PC/360 games can).
– See what your friends are up to all the time, without switching on your 360.
– Organise your account and Gamerscore via. your desktop and not a website.
– View your Live Anywhere account on your Vista sidebar.
– Edit your decals, car skins, clan flags, all through software and hardware only on PC.

What does it mean for Mobile Phone users?
– Play all/most (depending on phone) Xbox Live Arcade titles. If you bought it on 360 it will link to your gamertag, and you can play it on your phone with no added expense.
– Check out what your friends are up to, their Gamerscore etc, from anywhere.
– Show off your achievements anywhere
– Change your equipment in MMOs, tweak your cars in racing games, its all up to the individual developer.
– Use the Live Marketplace model to watch trailers and music videos.

This news first came up back in May 2006, and I wonder what happen to me to to miss such a big news.

Imagine, really, that Live is everywhere on every piece of digital product that you own! This could exactly be what Sony and Nintendo can’t really do. I doubt if Playstation 3 or Wii could offer any kind of plans to interact their product with your everyday life, at least not as much as how the Live concept is pushing for currently.

With the release of Vista, things are really just heating up. How about a Giga Vista Pro that connects your console and PC together… won’t that be cool?

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