Exploiting PS3 To Rip Blu-Ray Disc

The standard Playstation 3 comes with either a 20GB or 60GB hard disk built in. Apart from allowing Linux to be installed onto the hard disk, what other stuffs could you possibly do with so much space in your hands? While we haven’t heard of anyone truly cracking the PS3 software yet. But thanks to Linux, Blu-Ray movies are now being ripped onto the PS3 hard drive.

Multiple sites, including PVRWire, are reporting on gamers illegally copying movies to the PS3 hard drive. Once the large file is on the hard drive, it’s possible that someone could figure out a way to burn them.

It only took a few days, but already the Linux PS3 has enabled piracy. As the months continue, users are certain to find other ways to exploit Sony’s new console. The fault lies with those committing the crime as the majority of those who download Terra Soft’s Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 are likely doing so legitimately.

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