Toshiba Recalls 340,000 Batteries, Trouble for Sony

Laptop manufacturer Toshiba announced it was recalling 340,000 batteries of its Dynabook and Satellite lines. However, unlike Dell’s and Apple’s recalls, Toshiba says the defective batteries do not pose a fire risk, and that the affected batteries were affected by a glitch that prevents them from storing power properly.

The recall affects laptops manufactured between March and May of this year. As much as 100,000 of the recalled laptops were shipped in the United States. Toshiba did not state whether Sony would pay for the replacements, as they did for both Dell’s and Apple’s recalls.

After being criticised for the delay of Playstation 3 in european countries, and bearing the cost of both Dell’s and Apple’s recalls, shares of Sony has been tumbling down significantly over the past few months.

If Sony is found responsible for bearing the recall cost this time around, it would yet be another major blow for Sony. Not to mention that Playstation 3 is just 2 months away from its release, it’s better to build a better word of mouth, reputation and consumer confidence then to be surrounded with negative news such as this one.

Nintendo Wii seems to be doing well in buliding a good reputation as far as I’m concern. Don’t think so? Please leave your comments below.

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