Nintendo Wii Graphics Processing RAM Revealed

NEC has revealed that Nintendo Wii will use the same NEC eDRAM for its graphics processing, which powers the Xbox 360 as well.

With 10MB of fast RAM embedded in the graphics chip, the NEX eDRAM allows enough buffer space for anti-aliasing to be added to graphics ‘for free’.

The same technology is used in Xenos, the graphics chip for the Xbox 360, and Wii is following Xbox 360 footsteps by including it in their ‘Hollywood’ graphics chip. Note that both graphics chips are developed by ATI.

NEC representatives said that the manufacturer has chosen MoSys as the DRAM macro design partner for the Wii project because the company has implemented several times 1T-SRAM macros on NEC’s eDRAM process, and they needed an experienced partner for the job.

In order to deliver enhanced graphics capabilities for Nintendo’s gaming console, NEC will manufacture the LSI chips with eDRAM on the company’s 300-millimeter production lines.

However, the latest 1T-SRAM technology embedded in the Wii console use NEC Electronics’ 90-namometer CMOS-compatible embedded DRAM (eDRAM) process technology.

Whilst some have been speculating that the Wii will lack the visual quality of the Xbox 360 and the PS3, this latest announcement seems to suggest that Nintendo is serious about graphics.

What’s slightly odd is that the Wii is rumoured to lack high-definition outputs, which is really where anti-aliasing is needed – AA on standard definition isn’t really a good use of hardware. Could this mean the eDRAM is being used for something else?

Games journalists at E3 were generally underwhelmed with the Wii’s graphics, but this is because Nintendo had the games running on Revolution-ised Gamecubes with the Wiimote attachment.

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7 Responses to Nintendo Wii Graphics Processing RAM Revealed

  1. theycallmemoss18 November 30, 2006 at 12:15 am #

    all i have 2 say is that ski got hands like no other, nobody can stop him. and yeah i guess the nintendo wii is pretty sweet 2

  2. Paul Velez December 29, 2006 at 7:43 am #

    This article is a little short on facts. Does the article writer know that NEC picked Mosys to partner with to provide the ram. Yes that’s right Mosys is again providing 1T-SRAM as the embedded ram in the gpu.

  3. Dave January 6, 2007 at 8:49 pm #

    Thanks for pointing out, Paul. the post has been updated.

  4. booo playstation sucks! May 31, 2008 at 4:04 pm #

    All I have to say is Conduit!!! The Conduit!The Conduit is an exciting new First Person Action / Adventure Game that’s been built from the ground up to take full advantage of the Wii’s unique capabilities. Utilizing High Voltage Software’s own proprietary Quantum 3 graphics engine, The Conduit will unlock the full graphical capabilities of Nintendo’s hardware to create awe inspiring visuals.



  1. Full list of Wii specs ... allegedly - Joystiq - August 1, 2006

    [...] Recent Posts How not to suck at game journalism (8/01/2006) The Joystiq Weekend: July 29 – 31, 2006 (7/31/2006) Minnesota’s game law ruled unconstitutional (7/31/2006) New E3 gets a new name: E3 Media Festival (7/31/2006) Single player RPGs are alive and well (7/31/2006) Reader Comments(Page 1)1. I find it hard to believe because the Flash Memory is only 512, and if it is internal and non-removable that is ridiculous. For an internal memory supply, 512 will fill up faster than an ACDC Concert. It is BS. Don’t believe this.Posted at 5:42PM on Jul 30th 2006 by William 0 stars2. I wish this thing would just release already.Posted at 5:42PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Consoles 0 stars3. the cpu and gpu specs sound very similar to the “leaked specs” we got from IGN months ago… there’s something to be said about the *fashion* in which the cpu and gpu work together… (which is one of cells biggest problems, from what i… think i heard…) and the level of efficiency at which they perform as a pair…i’ll wait for Jeff, vidGuy, 32_footsteps, and the other badasses until i reserve judgement on these rumors ;)Posted at 5:42PM on Jul 30th 2006 by tactics 0 stars4. Um, 512 MB of flash has already been announced by Nintendo and is on their website. these specs are true, then thing better not cost more the $199Posted at 5:48PM on Jul 30th 2006 by james 0 stars5. They’re called “rumors” for a reason……and for all the people who take this as the word of god and say it’s legit, here’s what the word “rumor” means: at 5:50PM on Jul 30th 2006 by GSI 0 stars6. To number 1. That 512MB number is right- that memory is internal and non-removable.But, Wii also has an SD card slot and 2 USB ports for additional storage options.As for the specs in general… they pretty much seem rebranded from a number of places, nothing new is really added at all. The only thing that I think is incorrect is Wii using GDDR3 RAM. I’m pretty sure MoSys is supplying their 1T-SRAM solution for Wii. Nintendo seems to be in love with that stuff.Posted at 5:56PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Cameron 0 stars7. yes cameron, mosys is officially confirmed – 1t-sram… i was thinking that too… forgot to mention it. does that debunk this whole thing? maybe… :/Posted at 6:01PM on Jul 30th 2006 by tactics 0 stars8. It’s hard to imagine that the reason it has took soo long for the Wii to be developed is the Wiimotesurely if these spec are true the Wii would have launched not long after or even before the 360Unless Nintendo got off to a really late startPosted at 6:04PM on Jul 30th 2006 by martinj88 0 stars9. It’s funny to see hecklers making remarks about the Xbox 1.5 when the Wii has far more in common with its predecssor. If you read the specs the Wii looks more like a Gamcube 1.5 with an intrigeuing new conroller and a few usability upgrades. They share the same CPU and GPU and are only 50% faster. The PS3 and Xbox 360 on the other hand are leagues faster than their last gen versions.I wonder if the new controller will really make such a difference that Nintendo can establish itself as the new console king. If the Wiimote turns out to be just a gimmick, Nintendo could have made a serious mistake since the Wii won’t be able to keep up with the 360 and PS3 at all in the graphics department. I guess Nintendo hopes for the DS effect (original games matter more than features and graphics) that won them the handheld console market, but I wonder if that works for regular non-handheld consoles too. Different markets, different customers, different expectations.Posted at 6:10PM on Jul 30th 2006 by ymmv 1 star10. “CPU operates at 729MHZ” I dunno, this sounds kinda sad. They could at least make it operate a 2+ GHz. Unless the term ‘Broadway CPU’ is another way of saying quadruple core cpu:PPosted at 6:10PM on Jul 30th 2006 by lordroba 0 stars11. oh so someone wants to reiterate past rumoured specs and call it “news”?No, I don’t think so.Posted at 6:15PM on Jul 30th 2006 by mykie 0 stars12. #8, You gotta remember that console makers don’t just put out a new system as soon as the technology is available. Nintendo pulled in a bigger profit off of the Gamecube than either Microsoft or Sony did with thier systems (despite higher sales numbers). As a business, they made the choice to let the GC have a full life span, and wait until market pressure deemed it was time for something new to release the Wii. One of the common rumors is that Microsoft put out the 360 as early as they did because they were hoping to start recovering from the $4 billion they lost with the original XBox. But Nintendo wasn’t facing that problem, and so they didn’t rush to put out a new system.That being said, I’m sure the Wiimote took a lot longer to develop and perfect than we might assume. For such an important (and potentially revolutionary) part of thier system, they probably want to make sure it works exactly like it should.Posted at 6:15PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Yamen 0 stars13. So, if these specs are true, you’re literally paying 200/250 dollars for an overclocked CPU, a little bit of extra ram, and a controller with accelerometers. This proves to me that, if true, Nintendo can sell this thing for 99 dollars and still make a profit. If I were Nintendo, I would launch at 250 dollars so all their fans can buy the system, then 6-8 months from launch, drop the price by a 100/150 dollars. That way, they can squeeze some money from the Nintendo faithful, and then when sales die down, sell it to the Moms and Dads out there.Posted at 6:19PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Fandel 2 stars14. I guess people like ymmv don’t know what a __RUMOR__ is.Instead he takes them as facts and begins to start the Nintendo bashing…despite the fact this is __RUMOR__ information.Posted at 6:19PM on Jul 30th 2006 by GSI 0 stars15. #10 (lordroba), you’re thinking of the Wii as a computer system, not a video game console. The Gamecube’s proccessor was only 405Mhz, and it came pretty close to the XBox in performance. Even the original XBox was only 733Mhz.It’s important to understand that the architecture of a console is way different (most of the time) and that 729Mhz means way more for the Wii than it would for your computer.Posted at 6:20PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Yamen 0 stars16. Hahaha, I guess I’m starting to get famous round these parts! :)William, 512 MB is confirmed by Nintendo. Of course, you can add to that with any size SD card, any size thumb drive, or any size external harddrive, the latter two being put in one of the two USB slots on the back.As far as the specs themselves, they are nothing to be astounded about but they are pretty much what I’d expect. Very much like the previous “leaked” specs, if this info is true the Wii is solidly next-gen, since it’ll be able to output roughly twice what the XBOX can. Avoiding HD content will also allow them to cut back on some hardware specs. I’ve seen some statements flying around that 20 to 30 percent of the 360 hardware is used to push HD.Irregardless of the truth of these specs, I’m sure Wii will be behind the PS3 and 360 on the tech sheet. Nintendo might not even release official specs because its not very beneficial for them to do so. But I’m equally sure that for those buying the Wii, power won’t matter. As a second console for a lot of gamers, power can be found elsewhere. And the market Nintendo is targeting likely doesn’t know, or care, what the information on a tech sheet means. After all, there’s very little on a tech sheet that can tell you how fun the system will be to play.Posted at 6:22PM on Jul 30th 2006 by vidGuy 2 stars17. #9In American English, a gimmick is a unique or quirky special feature that makes something “stand out” from its contemporaries. However, the special feature is typically thought to be of little relevance or use. Thus, a gimmick is a special feature for the sake of having a special feature.(wikipedia)The new controller isn’t a “special feature” just for the sake of having a “special feature”. It’s meant to change the way you experiance game play. Does anyone else get annoying when something new comes out, everyone shouts “GIMMICK”.Posted at 6:23PM on Jul 30th 2006 by ryan 0 stars18. ymmv; better than having “a few usability upgrades” than the “nothing new here” xbox 360. Don’t get me wrong. I like my 360. but it took such a long time to persuade myself to get one as it was so similar to the regular Xbox.Anywho. I don’t care if this really is a GC but with that controller. I want that controller. I gave up on specs years ago, and knew I was heading in the right path when I look at PSP sales against the DS.Posted at 6:25PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Jay 1 star19. 512 MB of flash memory is more than enough for Wii game saves and Virtual Console. Think of the number of game saves that can be made on the max size 64 MB Playstation 2 memory card. Also take into account the fact that the largest NES, SNES, and N64 games were 256 KB, 4 MB, and 64MB respectively (most were smaller, a very few exceptions were larger)Posted at 6:26PM on Jul 30th 2006 by kaiten 0 stars20. Its false and theres good evidence (my apostrophe key isnt working):So far as I know the gamecube had a bus speed available to the CPU of 2.4 GBpersecond. Thus with these specs (1.9 GBpersecond), consistent gamecube emulation would be impossible.Therefore, false.Posted at 6:29PM on Jul 30th 2006 by elmer 1 star21. We have to keep in mind that this isn’t a HD system we’re talking about. This is outputting 480p, just like the gamecube. The only problem that I had with the gamecube’s graphics (the games that pushed the console to its limits, RE4 and MP2 in my eyes), the textures were blurry when you got close to them. With a 3MB texture buffer on the Wii instead of the GC’s 1MB, we should see considerable improvement in the texture quality.I’ve seen that 3MB texture buffer referenced in the other Wii spec rumors, I bet it’ll be in the final machine.This may be ‘gamecube x 1.5′ on paper, but I bet we’ll see graphics comparable to the other next gen systems.Posted at 6:34PM on Jul 30th 2006 by moofree 0 stars22. “elmer”Emulation is a moot point. Nintendo is not using emulation to run the Game Cube games on the Wii. The CPU and GPU are identical to the Game Cubes, save for the fact that the CPU is overclocked, so they don’t need to emulate the Game Cube. All they need to do is to down clock the CPU on the Wii to match that of the Game Cube every time a GC game is being played.Posted at 6:40PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Fandel 2 stars23. Now I see why Nintendo didn’t release the specs. Every few weeks or every month Wii specs are “leaked” and the Wii is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. It would not surprise me if we could trace all of these “leaks” to Nintendo higher ups.But all in all, this latest rumor is pretty much a rehash of what we’ve already know or have been told. In other words “Move along, nothing to see here”Posted at 6:41PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Drew 0 stars24. We all should remember that what counts is software. Look at the current gen, PS2 was the “weakest” in terms of performance, but had the software to knock out both competitors. Posted at 6:45PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Tushar Dayal 0 stars25. Tushar Daya- and the DS is doing the same now.When has the most visually impressive and most powerful system ever “won” the console war?It has always been down to 3rd party support and cost of system. And it always will. HD, fancy controllers etc aside.Posted at 6:52PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Jay 1 star26. You’re paying $150 extra for bluetooth, Wifi, an enhanced smaller format design, 2X3-axis accelerometers, 2×3-axis gyroscopes, 1×2-axis infrared sensor, infra-red transmitter, 512MB writable memory, SD+USB ports, 50%+ increased CPU and GPU power, 100%+ increased RAM, 500% increase in data capacity, DVD option with slot loading drive, most likely a bundled game, access to backwards compatibility and a continuous online service, Web-browser (and whatever other software we don’t know about), and a personalised speaker system.Upon closer inspection of the “specs”, it seems clear they’ve barely introduced any information we didn’t already know (or could have easily inferred). Thier talk of internal Vs external memory at the same speeds would almost imply the 24 MB MEM (main embedded memory?) is embedded, which is patently ridiculous. Furthermore, talk of GDDR3 RAM is a load of crap: Why put such ridiculously fast/expensive RAM in a system who’s CPU and GPU obviously don’t demand it. Furthermore, the use of 1T-SRAM for the 64MB has been confirmed (the two technologies might be compatible, but it’s unlikely it’s been done).Finally, I’d like to point out that actual leaked design documents clearly stated that the rumble intensity on the controllers CANNOT be changed (though developers may switch it on and off rapidly to achieve varying effects). This is in direct contradiction to this list.Posted at 6:54PM on Jul 30th 2006 by elmer 1 star27. Fandel.Sorry, emulate is the wrong word. The point is, in order to run all gamecube games, every aspect of the Wii processing power must be equal to or in excess of the Gamecube. This list would imply the transfer speed from RAM to CPU is slower on the Wii then gamecube, making every game which took advantaqe of this capacity fail to work (properly).Posted at 7:00PM on Jul 30th 2006 by elmer 1 star28. If those specs are true, the Wii is going to be pathetic !!! Sorry guys but the specs are about the same as the original xbox and the gamecube. The only thing different about the whole system is the controller…….you wanna talk about gimmicks…haha…Again..sorry guys, had to say itPosted at 7:11PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Pc 0 stars29. Heres some links about the ram in wii. not that tech savy but the first claims that its the same as in the 360 and ive read that before somewhere.Posted at 7:13PM on Jul 30th 2006 by ominojacu 0 stars30. IGN brought this like 3 months ago, and it was posted on JoystiqPosted at 7:13PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Armin 1 star31. I dont understand why would the speed of the Wii have to be reduced to play GC games…….i thought leaving it alone would allow GC games to run much smootherPosted at 7:22PM on Jul 30th 2006 by martinj88 0 stars32. Didn’t Nintendo pay a lot of lip service to GameCube being their last console, aside from some inevitable iterative versions?If someone can dig that up, I’d appreciate it, because that basically would put this all in the context of Nintendo’s long term vision for console gaming.Posted at 7:32PM on Jul 30th 2006 by J.Goodwin 1 star33. @PcThe XBOX was built with mostly off-the-shelf computer parts not designed for gaming. The GameCube hardware was built specifically for gaming, and was able to push nearly the same quality of games as the XBOX with less hardware. If the Wii comes out with these specs, it will be able to do quite a bit more than the XBOX. To me, that’s not ‘pathetic’ at all. It’s not close to the 360 or PS3, no, but it’ll hold it’s own.I’d like to see the Wii sport more like 1GHz CPU and 300MHz GPU, but I’ll take these specs without complaint.XBOX Specs according to wikipediaCPU: 733 MHz Graphics Processor: 233 MHz GameCube Specs according to wikipediaCPU: 485 MHzGPU: 162 MHzProposed Wii SpecsCPU: 729MHzGPU: 243 MHzAlso, it’s important to remember that these specs aren’t an end-all-be-all measurement of how the Wii will perform, even if they turn out to be spot on.Posted at 7:33PM on Jul 30th 2006 by vidGuy 2 stars34. Well of course the Wii specs pale in comparison to the 360 and PS3 specs. Nintendo’s stated again and again that it’s not directly competing with those two. The Wii’s function was always that of a support system; a system that gamers would always buy after they made up their minds between a 360 and a PS3. Now, if the Wii were directly competing against Sony and Microsoft then the specs, along with the cost, would be greater.Posted at 7:50PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Red Viking 0 stars35. Hahahahahaha, OK this is so pathetic it’s funny. HD-DVD players have Pentium 4’s in them that run at multiple-Ghz. That means that when the Wii comes out it will be SLOWER THAN A DVD PLAYER. Toast.Posted at 8:04PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Andy 0 stars36. just one question, why would an inside source give insider information about the technical specs of the Nintendo Wii leak them to a hacking site of all places?Posted at 8:23PM on Jul 30th 2006 by juanito 0 stars37. LMAO HAHAHA I LOVE YOU Andy !!! not literally…ya know what i mean lol your sooooo rightPosted at 8:24PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Pc 0 stars38. I am totally not buying a Wii because its numbers are too small, and if a console has small numbers, it’s a piece of crap. Xbox 360 has the biggest numbers – 360, just for starters – so it’s the best, but before that it was totally the Nintendo 64. PlayStation 2 was the weaksauce, it was 1/32 the Nintendo 64.Posted at 8:25PM on Jul 30th 2006 by obo 2 stars39. Tushar – “We all should remember that what counts is software. Look at the current gen, PS2 was the “weakest” in terms of performance, but had the software to knock out both competitors.”That’s exactly right. Look at the PSP vs the DS. Or the PS2 vs the X-Box. The games make the system, the specs are pretty much secondary.Back in the early 90’s that was different. The TG-16 launched and couldn’t compete with the Genesis in terms of visuals. But now, it’s not nearly so much of an issue.That said, I’ll be buying a Wii on the launch day, and one of the others when the price goes down or there are three solid games I just can’t live without. That’s my minimum.Posted at 8:27PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Shogan 0 stars40. Looking at the Xbox to Gamecube stats, and then looking at the Xbox to Gamecube performance, it shows just how much architecture must matter, and shows that there’s NO WAY at all to truly be able to tell the Wii’s potential other than there’s a good chance that it’ll be AT LEAST twice as powerful as the Gamecube.And at the end of the day, how many people will know? They’ll go by what they see, but not every store can show off with an HD television, and even if Sony and Microsoft paid them to put HD in those display cases, not everyone has HD. Meaning that both the PS3 and X360 may both still look REALLY good on Standard Definition displays anyway, but so shall the Wii. The Wii will be comparable, if not just as good as it’s competition on SD television sets, and that’s what matters right now, isn’t it?Even if HD takes off and people start buying sets in the future at alarming rates (and I still am doubtful of this unless prices start dropping way down soon), there are many people that will be driven to buy a console now and if the Wii gets bought during this time, even if it’s a second console, nobody will care until the day finally comes in which they get their own HD set.And besides, if to get the most out of my console I need to buy a new TV, I’d rather way until that TV becomes really cheap first before buying the console, but that’s just me.Now, the only things that bother me are the questions of how much of the CPU’s power will have to go to keeping up with the controller, and also of the possibility that CPU/GPU combination won’t be as powerful as to expectations.Posted at 8:35PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Prolink 0 stars41. “So far as I know the gamecube had a bus speed available to the CPU of 2.4 GBpersecond” Wikipedia says 1.3GBps peak bandwith for gamecube. The Wii is still more powerful at 1.9GBps.Wikipedia also claims that gamecube had 1T-SRAM in the GPU. This really isn’t anything new for Nintendo and if the cost didn’t bother them then, then it doesn’t now.This technical b.s. all boils down to the fact that the Wii is a dressed up Gamecube with a new user input and control scheme, and honestly Nintendo is probably worried that the specs don’t look nice next to the competition. We will never know how it will sell compared to the other two, but in my opinion sales is not going to be decided on specs alone. The real question is, do we want to change the way we play games on a whole, or just play advanced versions of the same games we play now. I say at this point it’s 50 50. Come November (or late October), this can change.Posted at 8:38PM on Jul 30th 2006 by blahman 0 stars42. did no one get what elmer was saying? Elmer was stating the fact that these posted rumor specs of 1.9 gb/s is SLOWER than that of a gamecube which is 2.4, therefore making it impossible to run gamecube games even as well as they ran on the gamecube thus leading him (and I) to believe that this rumor is false (along with many other things in the article.) It’s also totally off on the rumble description, it states that you can change the rumble intensity whereas you CANNOT you can only turn it on and off and by turning it on and off at different speeds then you can change the intensity, plus the complete omission of mentioning the sensor bar interface under the interface descriptions. I call BS and it smells BAD.Posted at 8:42PM on Jul 30th 2006 by theboy 0 stars43. I love the caption on the picture:”Mario loves to hold his Wii”Posted at 8:42PM on Jul 30th 2006 by mercuryswitch 0 stars44. wrote my comment as blahman was writing his, but I still believe that this thing is BS. There’s just stuff in it that contradicts things that nintendo has already confirmed (such as the T1 Ram.)Posted at 8:46PM on Jul 30th 2006 by theboy 0 stars45. uhh…… i don’t understand, how can u download games??? Do u have to have to be connected to broadband internet??? Can someone help???Posted at 8:53PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Alvin 0 stars46. I don’t know about the truthfullness of this article, but there is missing info. Nothing is mentioned about the speakers on the controller.Posted at 9:01PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Psaakyrn 0 stars47. “Internal non-removable 512MB flash memory used to storage game save data and downloadable content thus eliminating the need for a memory card.”What I meant was they claimed, through bad grammar, that the 512 would eliminate memory cards… That is sort of wrong. What is a SD Flash card? Hmm? Oh I know, it’s a memory card! 512 is so unbelievably small in today’s market I find it insane. Nintendo should at least use a 1024meg flash memory. Don’t get me started in the other apparent issue. Flash memory crashes and it’s content irreplaceable once it has crashed. Nintendo is forcing us to get the SD Flash basically because A. THe Flash is small compared to industry standards, and B. Flash Memory crashes like hell.Posted at 9:14PM on Jul 30th 2006 by William 0 stars48. @ 42, I agree, had me roflI find this dubious as i’ve seen Wii specs ranging from this (which i think is impossibly low, even for “Wii won’t play this game on your terms” Nintendo) to a 512-bit CPU and GPU, which would probably give you a seizure as soon as you turned it on, why don’t we wait, or….Why not ask any of these alleged devs which seem to float around these blogs, if they have a dev kit, they could leak it…Posted at 9:16PM on Jul 30th 2006 by Mr. Khan 0 stars49. If this was 4chan I would be pointing to Andy and Pc’s post numbers and saying “same person”. Luckily it’s not, though.Posted at 9:22PM on Jul 30th 2006 by bm 0 stars50. @blahmanI stand corrected.However, I have had some concerns with the Gamecube hardware specs listed on Wikipedia, most notably a point stating that Flipper was capable of hardware NURBS. This has never been mentioned in any article or document for Gamecube I’ve ever seen.Certainly the GPU had embedded 1T-SRAM, but it was 3MB, far from the 24 the list implies (even the 360 GPU only has 10MB, and it’s not really embedded either). For the record, the Gamecube had 24 MB of 1T-SRAM used as main system memory.I suppose then this does raise the potential authenticity of this list. However, it still seems dubious concerning the mention of adjustable rumble and GDDR3 RAM (thanks for covering my back theboy).As for the debate on the importance of system power, here’s my take:GPU power: Graphics mean nothing without artistry behind it, and as Ocarina Of Time can continue to teach us, Nintendo has in droves. A memorable visual style on an inferior system will still be more impressive than an ultra-realistic, ultra-generic style on a high end system.CPU Power: There’s nothing that realistically affects gameplay (confined by the interfaces we have) that a multicore 3.2GHZ CPU can do which a 700Mhz songle core chip can’t. What will they use this power for? Physical simulation! How will it benefit gameplay? It won’t! If physics are made an integral part of gameplay, then scenarios become too unpredicatble for designers to manage. Only a small subset of games will take real advantage of this complexity. Most games (limited by the now-standard dual-analogue format control) will continue with traditional scenarios. Frankly, Portal’s more exciting than physics.So I put it to everyone, that while sub-surface scattered, ray-traced, normal mapped graphics with genuine cloth and breast physics simulation are nice, I’ll probably choose Metroid Prime 3 every time, which still conjures atmosphere and immersion like nothing else. Immersion >> RealismAlthough I would like it with portals.Posted at 9:23PM on Jul 30th 2006 by elmer 1 starNext 50 Comments function inputValidation() { var validName = 0; var validEmail = 0; var validComments = 0; var links = 0; var email = document.getElementById(‘AuthorEmail’).value; var txt = document.getElementById(‘Comments’).value; var filter = /^([a-zA-Z0-9_.-])+@(([a-zA-Z0-9-])+.)+([a-zA-Z0-9]{2,4})+$/; if(document.getElementById(‘AuthorName’).value != ”) { validName = 1; } if (filter.test(email)) { validEmail = 1; } if(txt != ”) { validComments = 1; } for (var ind=0;ind 3) { errorMessage += “You can only enter 3 urls! “; } document.getElementById(‘formerrors’).innerHTML = errorMessage; return false; } } [...]

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