Top 10 Nintendo DS Games Christmas Gifts

These best selling Nintendo DS games and accessories will keep your friends, family and yourself entertained during christmas. Most games and accessories comes with free shipping and discount savings too to help you save up some money.

The Nintendo DS Lite is a high-powered handheld video game system in a sleek folding design loaded with features for a unique gaming experience. The color screens are now even brighter and the lower touch screen provides a totally new way of playing and controlling games. Use the built-in wireless mode to share games, chat or even play multiplayer games on-line via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Play impressive 3-D rendered Nintendo DS games and play all your favorite Game Boy Advance games in single player mode. Nintendo DS Lite comes with a variety of distinctive changes that set it apart from the original: It’s less than two-thirds the size of the original Nintendo DS and more than 20 percent lighter. Its two bright screens can be adjusted to four levels to adapt to different lighting conditions and to extend battery power. The microphone sits in the center of the unit and the LED lights are clearly visible whether the unit is open or closed. The stylus is 1 centimeter longer and 1 millimeter thicker than the stylus of the original and slides into a side storage slot. The Start and Select buttons were repositioned for easier access. A removable cover keeps the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot clear from dust and debris when it’s not in use. With the Nintendo DS Headset, you can talk and chat over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or voice command games.

Nintendo DS Lite Features:
* DS Lite doesn’t just play DS games – it also features an additional port for Game Boy Advance Game Paks
* Get up to 19 hours continuous gameplay on one charge

* Connect wirelessly, chat with friends while you play and compete with worldwide Nintendo DS owners with Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. All you need to play is a Nintendo DS and a Wi-Fi-ready game

* Twin ultra bright LCD screens that combine crisp, punchy colors, along with touch-screen technology on the lower screen

* Powerful dual processors bring 3D graphics to life with lightning-fast rendering

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