Aussie Radio Becomes 2UE-Wii



Australian radio station 2UE has joined hands with Wii to promote their product. In order to help out Wii, the radio station has changed their logo as shown in the image. They have changed their logos in each and every possible. For next two weeks the radio will be named after Wii and will be called as “2UE-Wii”.

Unlike other game consoles, Wii focusing on all age group of people for their product. This is a initiation from Nintendo to reach the market using mass media. Listeners are set to become the big winners during the 2U-Wii promotion with the station planning to give away over $20,000 worth of Wii products.

Check out the 2U-Wii’s website to see just some of the changes that have already been made – something that will immediately catch your attention is that all their radio personalities’ faces have been changed to their Miis.

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