Ubisoft Launches Planet Rescue

Planet Rescue

Planet Rescue

If you’re a gamer who loves Nintendogs, then you’ll probably love this game “Planet Rescue”. ‘Planet Rescue’ is a game for Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii. This game will teach kids about environmental issues and endangered animals.

The four games are designed for 6-12 year old children and the titles are fairly self-explanatory. On the DS, we’ll see Ocean Patrol, Animal Emergency and Endangered Island. Wii owners get Wildlife Vet.

A new range of games for the DS and Wii, the Planet Rescue games promote animal safety and protection values to kids.

“Safeguarding our planet and protecting our animal kingdom for future generations is a major concern in today’s society,” said John Parkes, EMEA Marketing Director at Ubisoft.

The DS Planet Rescue games are out 14 November for £30 each in the UK, with Wildlife Vet following on the Wii for £40 from 28 November.

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