PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home

PlayStation Home

Last Week Sony had an open house to give reporters and early tour on PlayStation Home. PlayStation home is a long awaited project from Sony. This fall, Sony will throw open the gates to PlayStation Home which is an online game network for PS3 console players. PS 3 players can meet virtually with their PS 3 friends in a virtual world where they were portrayed using avatars.

“Home is a 3-D representation of our PlayStation community,” said Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home.

“The technology is there to do all that,” Buser said. “But we didn’t want to make those decisions up-front. What we do depends on the demands of the community. We first want to see how our community will use it.”

Currently Xbox leads in the market with 14 million players while PS has got 12 million registered users. With the introduction of PlayStation Home Sony expects to boost the number of PS3 users.

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