Nitendo DSi to Hit the Market


Nintendo has officially confirmed that new version of DS hand held, known as DSi will be launched. Thursday morning officials released the news to the world in Tokyo, Japan. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata proudly announced the news about the release of the DSi.

“We want everyone to have their own individual machine,” Nintendo president and chief executive Satoru Iwata told a press conference. “For those households who already have a DS that they share among family members, I want them to have one for each member.”

The Nintendo DSi will possess a slimmer body, bigger screens, two cameras, and new image and music players. This is the third version of the Nintendo DS since it launched back in late 2004, and has dominated the handheld market ever since. DS console is the most successful in Japanese market having sold 23 million units.

First this product will be launched in Japan on November 1 for ¥18,900 ($179, £101). International releases will follow in 2009. Nintendo Europe would confirm that this DSi will be launched in next spring.

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