Nintendo Introduces “Wii Speak”

Wii Speak

Wii Speak

We need to wait till the end of next year for the new Nintendo DSi handheld. Today Nintendo announced wide range of new features, services, and games for North America that will be launched for the coming holiday season.

A new online chat system will come for Nintendo Wii on November 16th, which is named as “Wii Speak”. Wii Speak Channel (internet connection required) will allow Wii owners to voice chat with up to four other Wii owners online (‘four individual locations’ strictly says Nintendo).

The cost of this gadget is 7,800 Japanese Yen (approx 40 GBP) and it’ll hit stores in Japan on 20 November. Wii Speak hardware will be retailed separately in North America on November 16 at $29.99 (£15), with a code included which allows users to download the chat software for free via the Wii Shop channel.

A European release is expected to follow in the future.

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