Barack Obama Advertises in Xbox

Xbox game featuring Obama

Xbox game featuring Obama

Obama the Democratic presidential candidate is using Video Game as a platform to his promotion campaign. Obama suppose to be the first ever candidate to use video game as a channel of promotion.

The Democratic candidate has been placing in-game adverts in the Xbox 360 game ‘Burnout Paradise’, featuring a billboard with Obama’s image and a message that players should make sure they register to vote

Jeff Brown, vice president of communications at Electronic Arts, which publishes Burnout Paradise, said Mr. Obama’s campaign had purchased ads to run in the Xbox 360 version of the game, which he said is most popular among male players ages 16 to 30. The ads will run until Nov. 3 in 10 battleground states.

Analyst firm Yankee Group reported recently that the worldwide in-game advertising industry is expected to be worth around $971.3m by 2011.

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