The Official Malaysia PS3 Launch, revised?

Am I coming?

Well well, for most of the readers that may have noticed, Sony Malaysia seems to have leaked some news following the rumored launch of the PS3 officially in Malaysia. Problem is, another rumor has surfaced that some of the details might be undergoing some changes.

According to a post by Ruff Bark¬†of LowYat.Net forums, Sony Malaysia might be revising certain elements on the package that they mentioned before. We’re not sure of why, but a 2nd post by the member shows that it might be the price or the contents of the packaged changed to suit Sony’s needs.

Just as gamers who have not own (and also owned) a PS3 jumped in joy, the news proved to be heartbreaking to most of Malaysian gamers eyeing for a PS3. Lets pray that Sony Malaysia considers their decisions well as we wait for further news over here.


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