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It’s one of those days where I’m playing my Grand Theft Auto 4 on my lovely Xbox 360. Some players might boast that they had been able to finish it in 3-6 weeks time, but seriously I can’t. And you know what, I needed some cheats.

So off I goto GamesRadar and search to see what I can get for GTA 4 cheats. The results were pretty obvious and standard as anyone can expect from a gaming site where you can see they have sections for FAQs, cheats, walkthorughs etc to guide you through your game.

My 2 concerns and worries in this game is I don’t always get a good health and my armour level is still pretty low. Every fight seems to take too long and please excuse me if I choose to blame my dodgy Xbox 360 controller for that. Here’s what I’ve found in one of their GTA IV cheats secrets faq.

You will need to enter these as phone numbers in Niko’s mobile phone.
| Health | GTA-555-0100 |
| Armour | DOC-555-0100 |

Oh yes, it worked for me. And you know what they say about game cheats, you get addicted to it! Fancy a new car? Me too. So off I go and used some cheat codes to spawn myself a Turismo, Comet or Super GT and drive it like crazy banging into anything I can see. I can get always spawn a new one when it lose all its tyres :)

Overall, I think I’ve enjoyed some good tips at gamesradar grand theft auto 4 cheats section and hope you would too.

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