WoW Gets Extra Security With Blizzard Authenticator

World of Warcraft creator Blizzard has announced that its forthcoming Blizzard Invitational will see the release of a ‘Blizzard Authenticator,’ a new keychain dongle that will give users an additional six-digit security code to “help prevent unauthorized account access.”

The device will cost users $6.50, and will generate a unique code per user that will be valid only once, and only for a limited time, and will then be required to access a World of Warcraft account once linked.

According to Blizzard, the Authenticator is not meant to replace a user’s login and password, but rather give an extra layer of security. If the device is lost, the company says, Blizzard’s account services team can restore access “by verifying certain secure information.”

Currently, the device will only be made available at the June 28-29th Paris Blizzard Invitational, but the company says the it will soon be added to its online store at the same price.

Said Blizzard CEO and cofounder Mike Morhaime, “It’s important to us that World of Warcraft offers a safe and enjoyable game environment. One aspect of that is helping players avoid account compromise, so we’re pleased to make this additional layer of security available to them.”

Does anyone like the sound of it? It seems to me that’s another way Blizzard to make more money out of their WoW franchinse. Having an extra key (a device for chris sake!) just seems too troublesome for me!

Not to mention that Blizzard has just announced Diablo 3 which is a major cashcow and breadwinner for Blizzard.

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