Portable PS3 Laptop

portable ps3 laptop

How cool would it be if you can fit a PS3 into a laptop? From the same guy who brought you the portable wii laptop and portable xbox360 laptop, Ben Heck actually did that and here’s the end result.

The portable PS3 features a slick, glossy black case, and a nice big 17-inch LCD screen running at 720p resolution. The Blu-Ray drive has been retrofitted to be a front-slot-loader, and there‚Äôs a full USB keyboard built-in as well. Ben hasn’t revealed too much more about how he built this system yet, but if it’s anything like his past works, it’s a real masterpiece under the hood.

– Original backwards compatible 60GB model
– 17-inch LCD HDTV screen: 720p
– HDMI-DVI connection (same as last Xbox 360 laptop)
– Built-in keyboard, USB ports, stereo speakers, headphone jack
– Size: 17 x 13.75 x 3-inches
– Weight: 16 pounds!

Apparently the beast is up for a charity auction from Engadget. I wouln’t mind if someone bought one for me :)

via Engadget

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