Top 10 Best Selling Game Franchises

I’m pretty sure if you lived long enough till today, you will have played at least one of the these top 10 best selling game franchises. Ready to count? Here we go…

10. Gran Turismo
Units sold: 47 million
The first Gran Turismo was the best selling game of the original playstation (PSOne)

9. Donkey Kong
Units sold: 48 million
The big old King Kong who likes to throw barrels!

8. The Legend of Zelda
Units sold: 52 million
Each Zelda outing is a study in whimsical game design, a clever puzzle rife with secrets and oozing with fairy tale wonder. One of the best and original Action/RPG game that is still played on Nintendo Wii nowadays.

7. Madden NFL
Units sold: 60 million
Owned by Electronics Arts now, this game franchise hits store shelves with a new version every summer for nearly twenty years in a row!

6. Tetris
Units sold: 60 million
First came out on Game Boy… Oh, do you still know what a Game Boy is? :)

5. Grand Theft Auto
Units sold: 65 million
Do whatever you want to do on the streets. You own it!

4. Final Fantasy
Units sold: 75 million
Addictive gameplay and stunning graphics (at least back in the 80s and 90s). Final Fantasy XI is considered to be the first console game to have received a downloadable patch.

3. The Sims
Units sold: 90 million
The Sims is the best selling PC game of all time!

2. Pokemon
Units sold: 164 million
Defining game: Pokemon Red/Blue (Game Boy). I can’t believe this. I had never played this before. Wonder how can it be listed on Number 2!

1. Mario
Units sold: 195 million
You bet this is true. This is a darn good reason why Nintendo Wii and Mario Franchise are still selling like hot cakes till this day!


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  1. Royzy May 15, 2008 at 10:03 am #

    The top 7 seem to be consistent with other sites, although 8,9 and 10 seem to differ.

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