Thinking of joining a clan? The noob protector reveals all

You can usally notice if someone is in a clan because when in a room online you get various members with a short prefix next to there gamertag like *ADE* or *GHB*. You get the idea. so what is a clan? A group of friends online who play games together all the time. Simple as that :)

If you’re unlucky enough to join a room full of clan members its probably best to quit the room and search again why? Because clan members are highly dedicated gamers who spent hours jacking off and playing games till there blue in the face :)

They have perfected their strategies and tactics which pretty much means certain doom for the newbies. Even if you’re a experienced gamer its highly likely a few newbies will enter into your group and once again spell certain doom. I really dont understand why these knob jockey clan members insist on ganging up and targeting those poor little noobs it only ruins the noobs enjoyment of the game and makes them more then likely to just stop playing and move onto something else.

I’m proposing a worldwide help support your local newbie. No longer will experienced players mislead the noobs so they die for there own personal enjoyment PROTECT YOUR LOCAL NOOB next time your online;)


the noob protector


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