The Wonders of Xbox Live

For those of you deciding whether to go for the Xbox or the PS3, XBL should be the main selling point of the Xbox.
But what some people ,who maybe don’t know much about Xbox Live , don’t know is the wide range of uses Xbox Live and how it can integrate with your PC! I’ll list my top 5!

5. Universal Gamertag – No matter what game I play, my Gamertag is the same. People that meet me on Call of Duty 4 can see my tag again later in any other game, and they know I’m the same guy

4. Friends List – Unlike other services, which I refuse to mention, my friends list is tied to my Gamertag, so I can always see what my friends are doing – watching a movie, playing any game, etc.

3. Marketplace – The Marketplace is awesome, offering movies, television shows, original Xbox games, Live Arcade games, demos and trailers for upcoming 360 games.

2. Media Center – If you have a Media Center PC, you can easily stream movies, pictures, and music from your computer to your TV through your 360. Even non-Media Center PCs can do most of this without any problems.

1. You’re Always Connected – From the moment I turn my 360 on, my Gamertag auto-signs me in, and I am connected to everything – Marketplace, Friends, my PC. I can launch a game and immediately get into multiplayer, or I can join a friend’s game in progress.


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