Microsoft Xbox Live Disappoint Again!

Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, which allows Xbox gamers to play against each other and download content over the internet, suffered ongoing problems over the holiday period. XBOX Live gamers have reported being unable to download a free game offered as compensation for network service interruptions due to more service interruptions.

This week Microsoft released a free downloadable copy of the game Undertow to Xbox Live users as compensation for the interruptions. But when gamers went to download it, they found that the service was out again!

Good job Microsoft. So what happened Microsoft? Did your SQL Server farm crashed because you were viewing reports with Internet Explorer 7? LOL!

One Response to Microsoft Xbox Live Disappoint Again!

  1. SandiP January 28, 2008 at 8:19 am #

    Ok, My Xbox360 has completely frozen and crashed and I had to send it back to Microsoft for the repais, but will they give me a new one while I wait 3-4 weeks for this one to return AND will they send me “Undertow” as a freebie or will I have to pay for it as I do NOT HAVE MT XBOX360 right now,,MICROSOFT..I WANT A NEW XBOX360 THANK YOU

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