Mass Effect Xbox 360 Review

mass effect xbox 360
I’m a huge sci fi fan with a love of tv shows such as battlestar galactica and stargate and pretty much any other good sci fi show with a good story so when I heard the hype surrounding this game I nearly wet my pants in excitement.

Mass effect is pure class. The graphics, the story, plots and characters, everything is superb. It has a few small issues. The story line isnt very long. You may have to complete the side missions to make mass effect last and give it some longevity. There are some Occasional Loading screens and framerate problems but nothing to be too concerned about.

I’ve played through the game three times now and will probably play through another time! It’s far more exciting then most other single player games out there.

All of the reviews I’ve read online give the game around 9/10 and this review will be no different its well worth the purchase and I’ve noticed quite a few going cheap on ebay.

Third person view is awesome , plus there’s a few great twists in the storyline mass effect is created by bioware who have previously worked on jade empire and one of my other favourite games Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic and is a exclusive title for the xbox 360 :) Another reason in my opinon why xbox 360 is my favourite console the quality of games is far superior to any other currently on the market.

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  1. Dave January 5, 2008 at 6:38 pm #

    I symphatize singaporeans who can’t have the chance to play this fantastic game :P

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