Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Multiplayer King

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Greetings my fellow readers and happy new year I hope you all havent put on too much weight eating christmas mince pies while committing hate crimes on xbox or myspace I know i have;)

I’d like to share a few thoughts with you about the current regonised undisputed champion of online gaming that is call of duty 4 developed by the geniuses at infinity ward. Never before has a online game offered such mind boggling online gameplay with brilliantly detailed maps and environments.

According to various online gaming websites and publications call of duty was infact the best title out on the xbox 360 in 2007 with universal ratings of around 9/10.

A great feature about the online play is that the more kills you get with a particular weapon it then allows you to upgrade that weapon with cool features such as various scopes which allows you to sit back have a smoke and snipe people from afar while they are running around like They’ve got ants in there pants The best tactic here is too always double up watch people’s backs and play calmley and defensively nothing gives me as much joy as seeing someone run past me while im safely in a building aiming through the window down my scope and calmley pulling the trigger and watching them fall to the floor cracks me up everytime.

This however creates a bit of a unfair advantage for new players who will have to make do with crude weapons that you could probably buy on the black market or in some remote area of eastern europe:) the best bet for new players is just to keep playing for a few days and you rank up pretty fast.

the only game that comes anywhere near this in terms of online play is gears of war it remains to be seen if 2008 will see a new challenger to call of duty 4 modern warfares throne.

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