Which Type of Gamer Are You?

In a survey of 2,000 U.S.-based online gamers, respondents were asked questions about time spent, motivation and attitudes toward gaming. From the findings, six distinct groups emerged.

“Traditionally, the industry talks about casual and hard-core gamers,” said Cai. “They don’t speak the same language when they talk about casual gamers.” Cai also said the definitions of casual and hard-core gamers differs. Casual gamers are often classified as those who play Web-based games. Others put gamers who play less than 10 hours per week, regardless of the game, into the casual group. The six segments identified are:

1. Power Gamers who represent 11 percent of the gamer market, and 30 cents on the dollar on retain and online games.

2. Social Gamers play games as a way to interact with friends.

3. Leisure Gamers spend 58 hours per month playing mainly casual titles.

4. Dormant Gamers have fewer opportunities to game because of scheduling issues with family, work or school.

5. Incidental Gamers lack motivation and play out of boredom but spend 20 hours or more a month playing online games.

6. Occasional Gamers play puzzle, word and board games almost exclusively.

So, which type of gamer are you in?

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