Warner Denies Blu-Ray Exclusive

blu-rayIn response to rumours whispered by members of the Blu-ray camp, Warner Home Video announced that it will not be ditching HD DVD for Blu-ray. Warner Brothers is currently the only major studio to support both Blu-ray and HD DVD; an exclusivity decision by them could finish off the HD war.

“Our position hasn’t changed and certainly any comments that were published in the U.S. were not intended to suggest that we had changed our stance. We support both formats and we have not made any decision towards that policy and nor are any such announcements planned or in the pipeline. In terms of the short-term scenarios around the Q4 sales results, Warner Brothers are always reviewing our strategies and we can’t say what might happen in five or ten years, but for now, there’s been no decision made to change course,” said Warner Brothers Home Video Australia and New Zealand managing director Roger Clarke.”


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