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Back in those days when MP3 was such a big thing and yet so hard to find, warez sites was so popular and there were no ipod and itunes, Nullsoft winamp was my friend. It was the first mp3 player software that I’ve tested, integrated with nicely built in features like playlist, audio settings, third party skins and plugins. Due to its simpicity and features, I’m still using it today. It even allows you to stream music from winamp to wii, xbox 360 and ps3!

Nullsoft are Beta-testing the latest version of Winamp, and one of the new features happens to include the ability to remotely stream music from your computer to your Wii. Using the Winamp Remote feature, it imports an easy-peasy interface onto your Wii, allowing you to pick and choose the tracks you fancy. If you’ve always wanted to pester your mates with your lame nu-rave tracks, a text or email sent on the Wii can transfer a playlist to your contacts, streaming the music from your computer to their Wii, computer or mobile phone. Will this feature usurp iTunes? Probably not, but it may just turn a few people back to what was once their first media player.

For all those who are curios and want to try things out:
Winamp Remote

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