Increased Sales + Japan Adult Film Industry Turns To Blu Ray

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It all seems positive for a moment for Sony’s Playstation 3. With NPD Group figures showing that 98,500 (up 21%) PS3s were sold in June compared to 198,400 Xbox 360s (up 28%) and 381,800 Wiis (up 13%), the price cut to the 60GB model proved to be a good marketing strategy executed.

Meanwhile, the Japanese adult film makers have turned decisively to Blu-ray Disc, breathing new life into its bid to replace DVDs as the disc of choice for home movies. HD-DVD has been gaining the spotlight for releasing adult related titles in US, while Sony and one of the biggest movie makers in the world, the Walt Disney Co., object to pornography, and Disney maintains a policy against having its own movies replicated by any company working with adult movie titles.

However, Sony Corp. has started offering more technical support to the adult film industry in Japan.

“In Japan, there are some problems. Companies cannot press Blu-ray discs because they cannot touch adult-related contracts,” said Kiyotaka Konno, director of administration at Assist Corp., a Japanese company that authors and replicates DVDs for the adult industry in Japan. “So we asked some makers in Taiwan to do the work, and then we import the discs back to Japan. The Taiwanese company was able to obtain a pressing machine from Sony and will start mass production in August.”

The adoption of Blu-ray Disc by the Japanese porn industry could make all the difference in the format war. The adult film industry has long been a first mover in using new technologies, and many analysts say the industry played a key role in making VHS the winner in the video cassette fight against Sony’s Betamax video tape standard years ago. Blu-ray Disc, also a Sony technology, is now vying with HD DVD to be the high-definition disc of choice in the 21st century.

By contrast, Japan’s adult film industry already has ten movies out on Blu-ray Disc (BD DVD), including “JK,” “Sex Vacation in Guam” and “Eroist.” , but only one titled “Perfect Slave Rin” in HD DVD format so far.

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