Wii Outsold PS3 In Japan

Posted in Industry Buzz, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 on Saturday, February 17, 2007, 17:39 | 0 Comments

Nintendo’s Wii out-sold PS3 nearly three to one in Japan for the month of January. 148,000 PS3s have been sold compared to 405,000 Wiis. Nintendo is beginning to take a large chunk of the gaming market with its new system. Since the two systems were debuted in Japan, the Wii has outsold PS3 by nearly 2:1! These stats were compiled by Enterbrain, the largest video-game magazine publisher.

Many experts contend that with cheaper console, cheaper game prices (the Wii costs half of a 20GB PS3) and a prompt release schedule have aided the Wii’s take-over. This has prompted many to suspect a PS3 price cut by the end of this year. But, a PS3 price cut might not be enough for Sony to over come Nintendo’s new found dominance. However, with new titles on the way that will blow Wii out of the water graphically, Sony hopes to make up some ground.

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