Rumors: A Third Model For Playstation 3?

It is rumored that Sony is working on a third PlayStation 3 model, which would be marketed as a multimedia-oriented center rather than as a gaming system.

Sony released 2 models of Playstation 3 – the 20GB and the 30GB model. The third multimedia-oriented Playstation 3 model will support the following features:

* Anti-vibration mechanism for the Blu-ray disc drive.
* 512MB XDR memory.
* Advanced power supply unit.
* Two HDMI connectors to divide audio and video data.

It will also come with a brand new look to separate it from the 20GB and 60GB version and will have the Sony logo on it. You will still be able to play your PlayStation 3 games on it. The estimated price for it is $1600-$2500.

My 2 cents
I don’t really like the idea of a third model of PS3, and I don’t belief that Sony will really go ahead and make this into production. A big company such as Sony must had done all type of planning for their product’s initial production, accounting and marketting. It was something really rare (and weird) that Sony eventually want to made 2 models (20GB and 60GB, with 60GB having more features). And yet another third model? I don’t think so.

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