Meet Ms Pacman on Xbox Live Arcade

ms pacman

Midway continues to pump out its arcade classics on Xbox Live Arcade, this time with a nice young female character known as…. Ms Pacman.

What can you expect from this 400 point game:
– Guide Ms. Pac-Man through mazes, munching Pac-Dots and Power Pellets to clear each stage
– Remains true to the classic arcade version, including ghosts, dot chomping action, and Ms. Pac-Man’s “waka waka” original sounds
– Full of hilarious antics as you avoid moving fruits and smart monsters through the fun filled mazes
– Munch a Power Pellet to momentarily turn ghosts blue. When ghosts are blue, Ms. Pac-Man can eat them for bonus points.
– Play all 255 mazes from the original
– Free trial demo provides players with the first 2 levels of the game.
– Gamers can track their high scores on the Ms. Pac-Man leaderboards and strive to garner all 12 Achievements

I can’t help it but this kept reminding of the real life pacman video I’ve posted a few days ago. I’m sure you won’t see one of those with Ms Pacman on Xbox Live Arcade :)

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