Sony Admits Overreach in Blu-Ray Component Production

We know by fact that there must be someone, who somehow had some time to complain something about the mighty Playstation 3. We bet the loudest group of all will be those who had been promised of the arrival of their dream machine but which had been delayed after all

At least, Sony’s VP Phil Harrison know it and has something to say about it:

…we have overreached in production of the Blu-Ray component – I can’t deny that. “But that’s the price you pay for adopting brand new, leading-edge technologies that will be future proof. We will resolve those issues – we are already catching up. We will continue to catch up on the production, and as you know, we haven’t changed our full-year forecast of six million units [by March 2007], so we’re only talking about a ramp-up issue. We’re not talking about the fundamental design of the product itself.”

Honestly, we’re glad you said that.

Playstation 3

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