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Wii Details for New Zealand!

It is confirmed that Zelda: Twilight Princess will be launching alongside the Wii console on December 7th in New Zealand! They’ve also confirmed the price for the game which will be $109.95.

• Softprint Interactive were recently confirmed as the New Zealand distributor for Nintendo. They will be spending half a million dollars on marketing activity for the Wii across TV, print and online media before Christmas 06.

• Softprint Interactive will be showcasing the Wii at both Armegeddon in Auckland on Labour Weekend, and at Big Boys Toys in Auckland in November.

• There will be an official Wii carry bag available from day one — once pricing is confirmed we’ll have it up for pre-order.
• The new Mario game will not be available in NZ until early 2007

• Accessory pricing is being confirmed in the next week or so. It’s expected there will be a Controller + “WiiPlay” bundle which we expect to be around $90-100. WiiPlay is a collection of minigames.

• Unlike other Nintendo console launches in New Zealand, the Wii has solid Third Party support from all the major players in the industry.

• According to GamePlanet NZ, Wii is already a winner and they now have more pre-orders for it than the PlayStation 3!

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