Sony Drops Prices of Playstation 3 in Japan

Sony said yesterday it would cut the price of the long-awaited PlayStation 3 game console by 20% in Japan when it goes on sale in November.

The announcement comes just days after Microsoft Corp. announced that it would roll out an external high definition DVD player for its Xbox 360 in an effort to match the PlayStation 3, due to be released in November with its own Blu-ray DVD technology

The company feared the original price of 59,800 yen ($515) would push gamers towards cheaper rivals made by Microsoft and Nintendo in the battle for supremacy in the console market. .The cheaper PS3, with a 20GB hard drive, will now cost 47,600 yen ($410), the firm said. That puts the PlayStation 3 in the same range as the combined basic Xbox 360 and HD DVD player in Japan, where the duo will sell for 49,600 yen ($427).

Ken Kutaragi, head of Sony’s game unit, said: “What is important is that we get more consoles sold to make up for the price cut, and get more game makers and chip makers in our camp.”

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