Will Playstation 3 Still Be King?

The video game console market leader – Playstation – and it’s company Sony are yet to face the biggest challenge in their company history. And there are reasons why some folks are still bullish about it.

Let’s just leave aside the price of playstation3 for a moment. History shows that PlayStation 2 was launched in North America on November 2000 for $299. Sales were initially slow, but PS2 slowly built momentum and eventually commanded a 75 per cent market share against the technologically superior Xbox and GameCube in North America, Aisa, Australia and Europe. Even Sega – the market leader a decade ago – no longer makes consoles after being muscled out. So much for the survival of the fittest theory.

Six years later, PS2 is still selling in huge numbers, and big-name exclusives like Yakuza, Final Fantasy XII, Okami, God of War and Guitar Hero II are yet to come. Sony’s brand equitity and track record in keeping its consumers happy will prove invaluable when consumers shop for a next-gen console.

Sony will build on the success of its big-name franchises, but has also wisely shown a commitment to introducing new games for the upcoming console. Sony’s PS3 version of the popular SingStar karaoke game shows the company is still acutely aware of digital entertainment trends, with online MySpace-style pages where users can upload videos of their performances. There is a reason why Guitar Hero is a PS2 game and not yet on Xbox.

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  1. Dave September 9, 2006 at 11:27 am #

    Playstation 3 has been offiially announced that it will be delayed in Australasia and Eurasia. Microsoft and Nintendo are sure to be delighted because of this.

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