Pre-Order Nintendo Wii (Revolution) Today!

Nintendo Wii (Revolution)Nintendo Wii (pronounced ‘wee’ and previously know as Nintendo Revolution) is Nintendo’s next big system coming out by the end of the year sometime before Thanksgiving.

It plays new games that uses a controller that resembles a DVD remote controller with the ability to sense the positioning of your hand from every angle. Move your hand like you’re holding a tennis racket and the game moves your character’s tennis racket on the screen, or swing the controller like a golf club and the game recognizes that. It also plays old Nintendo games, Super Nintendo games, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, TurboGrafx-16, and GameCube games. In other words, it means backward compatibility and plays a lot of old systems and a whole new generation of games. A group of the most respected magazines voted the Wii as this year’s best hardware, so that may or may not be an indication for the craze this holiday season. Nintendo is expecting a shortage of the system when it debuts, and maybe you should too.

Video talks louder than words. See it for yourself.

Pre-Order a Nintendo Wii (Revolution) Today! *A brief note on Pre-orders
Most stores allow you to spend the full amount on a pre-order, meaning that you can pay for the whole system (estimated under $250) before it comes out and just pick it up when the system comes in. Place your Nintendo Wii order today.

1. US – Nintendo Wii
2. Asia – Nintendo Wii Japanese version
3. Toys ‘R’ Us – Nintendo Wii: Action Bundle
4. YesAsia – Nintendo Wii Console + Wii Sports (US Version)
5. eStarland – Nintendo Wii

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