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Nintendo Wii Controller Specs and Details

Nintendo’s highly anticipated next-gen console comes with an “unusual” controller. Known to the media now as Wii-mote, here are some summarised details about it.

- Wii-mote will utilize AA alkaline batteries for power
- According to IGN, players can expect the Wii Remote to last 30-60 hours, depending on the extent by which the controller’s functionality is used.
- Battery remaining power indication: Upon boot up, the controller’s four LEDs blink to show at least 75% is available; three LEDs blink to show 50% to 75% power; two LEDs blink indicate 25% to 50% power, and one LED blinks to illustrate less than 25% of battery life remaining.
- The controller contains 6KB of “non-volatile” memory which could be used to personalized the wii-mote.
- The controller is uniformly digital, rather than analog. (GameCube’s ‘L’ and ‘R’ shoulder buttons were analog, containing 256 ‘degrees’ of sensitivity, while all other buttons were digital. Xbox controllers are fully analog.
- Recent images have revealed the SYNCHRO button, located in the Wii’s front flap. According to IGN’s obtained documentation, it is used to identity Wii controllers with the console. In order to commence synchronization, players will press the SYNCHRO button on the system, and then either press another SYNCHRO button located inside the Wii Remote’s battery compartment, or hold down the ’1′ and ’2′ buttons simultaneously.

More details can be found IGN.

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