Pokemon:Battle Revolution On Nintendo Wii

Pika! Pika! Kids just can’t get enough of those little furry friends and their desire to “Catch’em All.” The Pokemon franchise is a big reason for Nintendo’s success, especially for the GBA. Pokemon just isn’t one of those franchises that is going away (like Mega-Man). Nintendo President Satoru Iwata has announced in marketing briefing in Japan recently that Pokemon Battle Revolution is in the works.

Not much was said about the game during the briefing, however a short video was shown of the game featuring a 2-on-2 battle that of course included the star of the franchise, Pikachu. The game looks very much like Pokemon Stadium for the Gamcube, but with slightly better visuals.

Pokemon Battle Revolution will take adavantage of Wii’s Wifi connection as well. This is the news all Pokemon fans have been waiting for. While details on how the game will be played online weren’t disclosed, the possibilities will have fanboys on internet forums for hours. Trade Pokemon with your friends, have huge online Pokemon tournaments, or could this even be the MMORPG Pokemon everyone was been dreaming of?

Curiously however, Pokemon Battle Revolution retains the consoles codename Revolution in the title. Why wasn’t the title called Pokemon Battle Wii? Nonethelesss, Pokemon Battle Revolution is expected to be released in Japan before the end of the year.

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