Turn PSP And DS Into A Mobile

How about adding some juice to your PSP or DS? Never fear – you could soon be using it as a mobile phone too.

A source close to top voice over IP (VoIP) provider Vonage has told T3 that the company is in the process of creating an interface that would allow users to convert the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS into internet-powered phones.

Both devices are compatible with VoIP, as they come with microphones and can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. All they need the necessary interface and software and that’s what Vonage is working on.

Vonage’s partnership with Wi-Fi operator Cloud means that its customers can get internet and therefore VoIP access at over 7,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country so Vonage stands to gain a whole lotta new customers if it can convince them that their handheld console makes a nifty phone as well as a nifty device for playing Mario Kart on.

It isn’t sure how Vonage would introduce VoIP to these devices, but it could be brought to the PSP in the form of a firmware upgrade and to the DS in a cartridge.

How about calling these new improved devices: “Handheld Console Integrated Mobile”? That sure sounds to be an interesting marketing term.

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