New Warcraft 3:Frozen Throne Dota 6.32b Map

Dota 6.32b map

There has been yet another DotA update for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne.

Here’s the dota 6.32b map.

Here’s the changelog:

6.32b Changelog:
* Fixes various small bugs that needed attention for league play.
* Also fixed an abusable exploit. (thanks to M3Th0dz for being discrete about it)

6.32 Changelog:
* Courier Chicken now has an ability to drop all items on it (to allow for undroppable items to be removed without trouble).
* Fixed Adaptive Strike to not push Roshan.
* Fixed Replicate typos.
* Fixed an endless Waveform bug.
* Creep spawn in -mm is now delayed a bit to give more time to buy after getting your hero.
* Fixed a bug with repicking while in Waveform
* Watchers no longer die when Weaver dies. They also have better night vision.
* Slight improvement in Waveform range and reduced mana cost . Its a bit faster now too.
* Morphling movespeed from 275 to 285.
* Fixed the sell cost of Hand of Midas.
* Fixed a bug with Return doing damage to Serpent Wards.
* Fixed Chainfrost bouncing off of Deathward.
* Fixed a bug where Astral Imprisonment lasted a bit longer than 4 seconds. Reduced casting range from 700 to 550.
* Lina’s movespeed increased from 290 to 300.
* Fixed a vision bug when combining -sp and observer mode (thanks kamonzim)
* Minor damage increase and stun duration decrease to Ravage.
* Restored SA in obs mode after fixing a bug with him.
* Fixed Essence Aura triggering off of 0 manacost Detonate
* Replicate target now maintains the color of the hero it replicated.
* Adaptive Strike improved (the concept will be further improved later on)
* -swaphero time limit extended a bit for -lm
* Scroll of Teleportation replenish interval increased a bit.

After this version gets enough play, it will be the latest recommended stable version.

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