PS3 Online Service: Playstation World

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The PS3’s free online service, called ‘Playstation World,’ will include a ‘blog-like’ function. Through the use of the Eye Toy camera, you’ll be able to record your own video blogs, which can then be shared through the online network.

You will also be able to view your friend’s photos and videos from the PS3, on your PSP.

Phil Harrison, Sony’s chief of game studios, revealed a few weeks ago that the PS3 will feature voice and video conferencing capabilities. Not only this but, all PS3 games will be region free, although DVD’s will still be region locked.

I’d always understood that the Xbox 360 would incorporate these sort of functions and could be used as a complete communication system. One of the big flaws with the Xbox 360 communications is that you can’t speak to more than one person at a time, unless you are in the same lobby, in the same game. It’s looking like the PS3 will now be the ideal tool for business meetings, and mass communication.

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