New Sony DVD/HDD Recorders Can Record Directly To PSP

The PSP truly is becomming the flexible media device it was sold to us as. The recent additions of Sony’s Location free support and RSS feeds put the PSP’s capabilities well beyond those of the video iPod, though the PSP certainly lags in terms of storage.

According to the Akihabara (Tokyo’s digital meccha) News, Sony has 3 new DVD/HDD recorders out, which not only can record 3 shows at once, but also record TV directly to the PSP. Aisde from the sheer coolness of being able to transfer video directly from a recorder to the PSP, sans computer, it also seems to open up the door for easy TV ripping, as it isn’t difficult to get video off of the PSP and onto a computer. Here’s hoping we will soon see these recorders come to the west.

Sony PSP

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