IBM starts selling Cell

The Cell processor has been one of the major marketing tools thus far for the PS3. The Cell is essentially 8 fast microprocessors being coordinated by one IBM Power processor.

The Power processor is found in the Xbox 360 and allegedly will be the chip in the Nintendo Revolution. The Cell chip is supposedly able to render unparalleled graphics in real-time, making it ideal for videogames. An AP Newswire states that IBM has begun selling Blade servers equipped with Cell processors. These servers should be able to render graphics dramatically faster than previous big box machines, allowing for detailed geographical and architectural computing to be done much faster, allegedly even on the fly. The flexibility of the Cell and its availability outside of the PS3 may mean that more 3rd party developers may want to take the videogame plunge and make games for the PlayStation 3, as they would already have Cell programming experience.

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