EA’s Godfather Delayed For Xbox 360 and PSP

XB360 The GodfatherElectronic Arts officially delayed The Godfather last year at its annual July Hot Summer Night event. Today, Electronic Arts has again delayed the Xbox 360 and PSP versions, while staying on schedule for an Xbox, PS2, and PC March release.

EA would not explain the full reasoning behind the delay, though it’s clear that the game’s size, scope, and multiple SKUs using vastly different technologies have much to do with it. The Xbox 360 and PSP versions are likely to be delayed to a late summer release, said an EA spokesperson, though he could not confirm an actual month.

The Godfather is EA’s first open-design or urban mayhem-style game, based on the Mario Puzo novel and the 1970s Francis Ford Coppola movie. In it, players create their own Italian-American gangster from the time period who makes his way up the Corleone family chain of command by eliminating rivals gangs in New York and taking over their businesses.

Update:The Godfather for Xbox 360 (US) will be released on Febuary 15, 2006 as seen in Amazon

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