Final Fantasy XII to go on sale March 16th

Sony and Square Enix have decided to stick by the March release date for the Japanese language version of the much anticipated Final Fantasy XII. The game won’t be cheap, however, Sony is taking pre-orders for the game on their website for 8,900 yen, nearly $80 (though they do knock 12% off for pre-ordering). Sony has also announced a special edition of the slimline PS2 decorated with Final Fantasy XII art to be bundled with FFXII and released the same day as the game.

While the PS3 will be sold not too long afterwords, the FFXII version of the PS2 is sure to be a collector’s item and worth a small fortune on eBay. While there has been no word as to whether or not the Final Fantasy XII PS2 will be sold in the West, it is doubtful. Both Sony and Microsoft have produced special versions of their consoles for the Japanese market that, unfortunately, never reach the West. There is also no solid date for the English language FFXII, yet.

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