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Secret character
I have found that Hellfire is keeping a character as a secret. You can also play with network or LAN now even you can play a new quest. Just create a file named command.txt . Then you add in this:

multitest cowquest theoquest bardtest

You can get a new character,The Bard.

As an addition to the cheats for Diablo-Hellfire, I have found that in Hellfire v1.01 you can get an extra character, besides the bard, the barbarian.

The procedure is simple. Make a txt file called command.txt, and insert this line:

multitest bardtest cowquest theoquest barbariantest

There has been some problems with multiplayer working in Hellfire v1.01, so I have found these codes to help it out:

Open a DOS-Prompt and do this, from the Hellfire directory:

DEBUG helfrui.dll

E 7A92 EB



Now everythiing should work.

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