Grand Theft Auto Advance Cheat Codes

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Set Speed
Hold UP + R while in a car to set the speed without pressing the gas.

Display Coordinates
Press Start + A + B during game play.

Police Bribes
For every ten vigilante missions completed, you will get a police bribe at your hideout. The maximum number you can get is six.

Easy Money
Kill the people on the streets with big yellow coats. They usually drop about $1,000 each.

Package Rewards
You can get these items by collecting Hidden Packages:

Body Armor: Collect 30 Hidden Packages

Shotgun: Collect 40 Hidden Packages

Grenades: Collect 50 Hidden Packages

Molotov Cocktails: Collect 60 Hidden Packages

Assault Rifle: Collect 70 Hidden Packages

Pistol: Collect 10 Hidden Packages

Uzi: Collect 20 Hidden Packages

Mini Gun: Collect 80 Hidden Packages

Rocket Launcher: Collect 90 Hidden Packages

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