Gamers Waiting For Playstation 3

As per a research conducted by Nielsen Media Research, as much as 50 percent of video gamers will not buy an Xbox 360 until Sony releases the PlayStation 3.

Microsoft must be pretty amazed at the response they have received for their next generation gaming console, the Xbox 360. However, they have’nt impress some of the hardcore gamers out their who have decided to wait for what Sony has in store for them with their Playstation 3 gaming console due to be launched sometime next year.

Sony as a result might get an added advantage of refining their own Playstation 3 gaming console in this extra time they have to overwhelm the audience when it is finally launched next year. Microsoft expects this early bird advantage to be beneficial for them in the longer run as they aim to saturate the market with their Xbox 360 gaming machine.

Nintendo is another company, which is busy working on their own gaming console named Revolution. It is also due for launch sometime next year and it would be interesting to see how the market reacts when these late comers arrive in the retail stores.

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