Call Of Duty 2 Tops Xbox 360 Best Selling Games

XB360 Call of Duty 2As far as Xbox 360 software was concerned, Call of Duty 2 was the top title, with a whopping 77 percent attach rate. In layman’s terms, that means more than three out of every four people who bought Microsoft’s next-gen console picked up Activision’s shooter, often because of bundling. Call of Duty 2 was given the most credit for Activision’s 54 percent spike in sales, which came in spite of lackluster numbers for two of its highest-profile fall releases.

The second- and third-best-selling Xbox 360 games were Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL 2006 and Need for Speed Most Wanted. Ironically, the multiplatform Most Wanted sold 34 percent less units than its predecessor, Need for Speed Underground 2, suggesting EA’s cash-cow franchise may finally be drying up. That said, sales of Madden, NBA Live 06, and Harry Potter more than made up for the drop, boosting the company’s overall bottom line by 8 percent for November.

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